Filled my fridge with 2 liters of açai

Went to the local supermarket on my street and finally got some açai (Taçai brand, which also sponsors a lot of the atheltes at Vita Jiu Jitsu) to my freezer. I don't really know about the health benefits all that much (except that it has antioxidants) but to me it just tastes really good. Actually this version has a bit of added guarana in it. Only problem is that they sell it in 2 liter packs, which almost didn't fit inside the freezer.

Now it is just a matter of adding some bananas..and slicing through that thing with a knife or something to transfer a portion to wait in the fridge. The stuff is rock solid at first but once it becomes smooth you have to get it back to the freezer quickly too

The box:


The doodoo inside

The dish

The brand

http://www.tacai.com.pt/ + better info on their facebook page

Good açai recipes:


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