Sean and Paragon guys are putting out a instructional website called Jiujitsupedia

While training here in Santa Barbara. Sean Apperson told me that he and the rest of Paragon (including at least Franjinha and Jeff Glover) are also introducing an instructional website soon. It has a ton of instructionals filmed during past years. What I like about the site that unlike Marcelo's etc., it doesn't cater to a single style of jiu jitsu, but shows a lot of different guards, passing styles and takedown styles already. It also has more than basic techniques and does not only cater to beginners.

The site will have also visiting instructors such as NCAA wrestler, black belt judokas etc.

As I understand, the website is officially launched soon, but you can see what it is about and look at some free techniques:

Go to Jiujitsupedia

Nice takedown from 2-on-1. We went through some 2-on-1 nogi techniques today and I must say the wrestling teaching is really top notch here because so many people have high school or college wrestling experience

Go to 2-on-1 takedown


Sleeping in..having a 2 hour breakfast

Having more days off really helps recovery from training. Sleeping 10 hours and having a slow breakfast...without any frapp attack incidents


Recently training butterfly guard & passing it

Been doing butterfly passing now this week... There has been 5 variations so far, most of them new to me. It is probably because I usually just try to stand up and pass it toreanda style etc.

Some things that I have to still try to remember while on bottom:

- Keep elbow inside the knee of the hook, when going for basic hook sweep with an underhook and head on chest (forgot this again)
- Stay really close so that opponent can not pummel for underhook

It has been difficult to keep the elbow in mostly because it feel more natural to have it outside to get the proper angle for the sweep more naturally. The key to being able to keep to elbow inside is to be really close to your opponent. Also, if you are using the overhook variation with a belt grip, keeping the elbow in is most likely impossible.

Marcelo doesn't use the elbow as support while sweeping (see on the video), but as I recall, he has the elbows inside when hand fighting.

Filled my fridge with 2 liters of açai

Went to the local supermarket on my street and finally got some açai (Taçai brand, which also sponsors a lot of the atheltes at Vita Jiu Jitsu) to my freezer. I don't really know about the health benefits all that much (except that it has antioxidants) but to me it just tastes really good. Actually this version has a bit of added guarana in it. Only problem is that they sell it in 2 liter packs, which almost didn't fit inside the freezer.

Now it is just a matter of adding some bananas..and slicing through that thing with a knife or something to transfer a portion to wait in the fridge. The stuff is rock solid at first but once it becomes smooth you have to get it back to the freezer quickly too

The box:


The doodoo inside

The dish

The brand

http://www.tacai.com.pt/ + better info on their facebook page

Good açai recipes:



Surfing today

Surfing went good today at Guincho beach with our instuctor Brian. He is originally from South Africa but has been in Portugal for quite some time. I can really recommend his school and you can find it at:


The waves were just the right size for me (= small enough, not 4 meters high). I was able to paddle and catch a decent number of waves by realising the importance of arching your back when the wave hits you in the back. Balance seemed ok today as well. In any case, surfing is great for developing balance and overall fitness. The other alternative for this morning would probably have been for me to sleep in late (not good for balance or even fitness).

Surfing is fun but one problem is that surfboards apparently cost around 600 if you buy them new and they're really hard to transport. Probable have to continue keep on renting...

Oh, and one last thing. I've really come to a conclusion that cross-country skiing is not really fun at all. People just do it, when it is the only thing you can do outside.

Jeff Glover vs Caio Terra at Jiu Jitsu Expo

Apparently Jeff is "Glovetastic" in the gi as well. A lot of other expo fights appear in youtube as well.


First few days of training in Portugal

Finally got the internet connection to my apartment..It has actually been surprisingly relaxing not having one for a while.

As I am already fairly settled here, I some training at the local academy of Vita jiu jitsu here in Cascais on Thursday and Friday. It is very nice having an academy at 10 minutes walking distance from home. I enjoyed training here a lot and liked the classes, although it can get very hot here. Even on the first, I got to roll with 3 brown belts and a black belt. On the second night there were 4 black belts on the mats.

The academy's lineage is Carlson Gracie and it is interesting to see that different back grounds lead schools to specialise in different types of techniques. We trained some butterfly guard this week and it is nice to notice that although this is a fairly familiar and common position for me to use, there are a million things to improve. For instance, I often made the mistake of having my hooking leg's knee inside my elbow, which leads me vulnerable to smashing my legs together and passing.

Here is a nice match from the main teacher of the academy:

I can get by with English but constantly try to learn some Portuguese (I think it happens almost automatically here in class).

Tomorrow should try surfing again..to improve balance maybe.


Found appartment in Cascais & why I should cancel my trip to San Francisco

Finally got a flat in Cascais.  Cascais is situated 30 minutes from Lisbon by train on the Atlantic coast. It is a really nice little town and I would recommend it as good destination for a weekend holiday in the summer. So basically I am going from this:

Anjos, Lisbon (centrally located but really run down)

To this:

Cascais, Cascais (sweet town by the beach)

To be honest, Lisbon is great too. I went to see the big "Rio-like" Jesus but was more impressed by the bridge next to it looking like Golden Gate bridge. Maybe it doesn't quite replace actually going to San Francisco, though..


No appartment yet, found a good place for Acai

It has been hectic chasing appartments and checking the city out..

I stumbled on this place called feel Rio where you can get frozen acai if you're in Lisbon for the European Championships or just on a holiday. The place is owned by Brazilians and sells fruit juices and some fast food dishes. You can also get sugar cane juice from here..

Feel Rio is located at Rua do Cruxifixo 108 close to Baixa-Chiado metro

And why wouldn't it feel like Rio when Lisbon has the same statue after all: