Moving to Portugal, training continues

Next week I am going to pack it up and move to Lisbon, Portugal. It's nice to change scenery but most of all it is nice to change the weather. I will also get a nice head start to summer.

It's cool to do something different for a change and I will try to learn as much Portuguese as I possibly can. Maybe in the future, I could communicate better with Brazilian teachers during seminars etc. I will also try to keep the blog updated with all the hassles going on there.

Bottom line is, I am definetly going to keep training..This might actually be good for my training because my work moved the location of the office a little less than a year ago and I've had a longer commute ever since. Also my current gym relocated a month ago. When I come back to Finland some day, I really have to try to afford a car...

Having trained at an Alliance affiliate here in Finland, it would be great to find a local affiliate in Portugal...However, the seems to be no Alliance gyms in Lisbon. So far I have been able to find Icon BJJ, Gracie Barra, Royce Gracie and some other academies in the region.
Here are some links if someone is going to Lisbon on holiday etc. and wants to train

Vita Team: http://vitateambjj.com/

Royce Gracie Portugal: http://www.clubejiujitsulisboa.com/

Gracie Barra: http://www.alexmachado.eu/

I will probably decide what to do after I know which ones are close to my appartment...

Also, no excuses left not to go to Europeans anymore. It should be on my backyard.

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