Holiday training at Andre Galvao jiu jitsu

I spent the past week in California and of course wanted to do some training as well, so I ended up going to Andre Galvao's academy in North San Diego. They happened to have the Pan-Am preparations on their way, which meant they had a lot of black belts present including the world champion Mendes brothers.

In addition to me getting schooled in sparring I got to do:

- De La Riva passing away from the hook by breaking my hips
- De La Riva passing to the side of the hook
- Reverse De La Riva sweeps from all potential scenarios (knee up, knee on the ground, opponents sits on his hip during the sweep, opponent tries to go forward while taking the back etc.). We did not do the tomoe nage or tripod sweeps, which are on Rafa's DVD I believe, but instead spun under to take the back or sweep with reverse x-guard position.
- Leg drag passing, which I've basically never done before.

I had a little notebook with me and for once I diligently wrote down every detail so I can train the techniques better on my own. This is something I should do in every seminar (right after the training, not at home) because something might not click with you instantly but if it clicks later you have the notes...Gui and Fowler actually commented that taking notes is very important

I was very happy with the training, especially with the efficient use of training time. There was not a lot of squats, push ups and sit ups in the beginning, but instead we got exhausted doing a lot of drilling of the techniques. Using a stopwatch for drillling was a great idea (5 minutes each side etc. to get enough repetitions).

The passing style was very fast with a lot of movement and "ankle play" & windshield wipers going on. I noticed that my body felt very uncoordinated, which means I have to work this type of passing way more.

It was also very nice training during the day instead of in the evenings. It felt easier to concentrate when you don't have the spend the day at the office first.

A good article about a Mendes seminar which had similar stuff:

Link to article

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