Found Mike Fowler this time

This summer I was at North Shore and tried to locate Mike Fowler's gym. A surfer told me that they had fliers at the local supermarket. However, when I went to see, I couldn't find any.
If you are in Hawaii and want to train, you can contact him at: northshorebjj@gmail.com

Last week I came across Mike in San Diego and got to train with him this time. According to Mike, the supermarket takes down the fliers every couple of weeks so it was no surprise I couldn't find him. The gym is also a non-profit so there isn't a lot of advertising going on.

I can't believe how small he was as he used to compete at middle weight (I did too), but apparently he is a light weight now.

Didn't stop him from beating me with ease. I recognized this sweep which he did on me in sparring...felt totally helpless

There is also a good recent interview on Mike on OpenMatRadio:

Link to interview

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