Defense agaist the berimbolo sweep by Tanquinho

Been watching some Jordon Schultz material on the berimbolo and especially his de la riva sweep to oma plata combination.

I haven't seen any defenses to this high percentage sweep which doesn't involve doing some sort of inverted spin yourself. Jordon Schultz also represents a toe hold as a counter attack option (the free leg in berimbolo is put on top of your opponent's chest and before in place, there is an opportunity for a toe hold).

I figured Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes did a good job in beating Rafael Mendes' berimbolo in Abu Dhabi 2011. He also ended up winning the fight. He defended the sweep by holding on to Rafael's free leg and getting his hips down to a reverse half guard position. He then grips Rafael's collar to help keep him on the bottom. The defense is shown on this video at roughly after a minute into the fight

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