Should teaching focus on one position/concept for a long period of time?

Recently my friend visited Ricardo Vieira's school in Rio de Janeiro and all they did was spider guard those couple of weeks. Even all the sparring was positional sparring starting with spider guard grips.

There must be some positive sides to this type of training
  1. Firstly, you most likely get somewhat comfortable with the position even though it would have never been your go to position
  2. If lucky, you also might learn to know the common reactions of the opponent which could make the position competition proof for you
One defininite downside is that you have to have the fundamentals of BJJ down before you would start applying this type of approach. Therefore, it does not suit a school with a lot of beginners. If you don't know any half guard techniques properly, it is not wise to dedicate a whole month to butterfly guard..

Also, if a competition is just around the corner, you should probably focus on "your" game instead of learning one position thoroughly


  1. I agree with you. I think it would be good to learn one position per month. One concept could be like: 1st week sweeps, 2nd week: submissions, 3rd week: passes and 4th week: recap.

  2. Gracie Academy Torrance has that kind of rotation, as far as I know. They call it the master cycle.