Protecting your arm while in deep half: Bernardo Faria fight

A key problem in the deep half is you can get caught in a kimura or armbar on your other arm when your opponent is able to underhook you. There are a lot of counters to getting underhooked such as the "reptilian sweep" on Jeff Glover's DVD. In addition there are a few ways to not let the opponent to get the underhook so easily:

- Place your "free" arm under your opponent's trapped leg which makes it harder to underhook
- Grab the "free" arm by the elbow with your other hand and pull the elbow in so it is above the opponent's trapped leg and the arms are wrapped really tight around the opponent's leg. This technique for protecting the arm is examined on the Caio Terra 111 Half Guard Techniques DVD

Yesterday, I was watching a lot of Bernardo Faria clips on youtube and saw a fight where he grabs the lapel and the opponent seems to have some sort of an underhook. Then I realised that the lapel can be used as a defense against kimuras and armbars because the opponent is not able to isolate the arm sufficiently when you have a good hold of his lapel

The clip in question

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