My first and last tournament as a heavyweight :)

Went to Manse open to get some competition mat time as it has been a year at least since I last competed. There was another thing..I usually fight at middleweight (under 82kg) but now after Christmas I weighed 84 and did not want to cut weight for a smaller tournament..As the organisers combined 88kg with 94kg, I ended up competing higher up than ever.

Here is my match with Alari at 94,3kg coloured belts. The funny thing is that we actually have trained together before so there were no great surprises for neither of us. We decided to take a mental approach that we should really go after sweeps and submissions and it ended up being a nice looking match. Alari won the match with 2 sweeps (same sweep 2 times, d'oh!) and got a minus point for a double guard pull I guess. I swept him once (it was my first takedownish thing I ever hit in competition).

The match along with other fights can be seen at:


The match started with both of us looking to pull guard. I went on top (probably shouldn't have) and looked to pass but Alari put me in closed guard. We were fighting for sleeve control and when I got it Alari moved to leg lasso guard. I was able to put in a decent pass attempt quickly but could not circle my sleeve out on top of his leg. Then Alari tried a collar grip scissor sweep but I was able to maintain balance.

The match was put to centre. While I opened his guard, he clasped my legs together to look to sweep but I was able to get my right leg out. Then he caught me with the leg lasso sweep...This is weird because I remember thinking that if he does I'll just kneebar him (KNEEBARs are not allowed stupid!). You can see me trying to go for kneebar at 2:08 but realising I can't do it.

Ended up in a weird guard on bottom and I was sure he was going to pass. However, I managed to wiggle out of it by hooking his leg in a weird way and going to deep half guard. I felt comfortable there but tried to come up towards the inside and got stuffed and got a good butterfly guard. I was struggling in butterfly and went to Z-guard and looked for a loop choke. What you can't see in the video is Alari blocking my hand so I can not do it.

He then tried to cross pass but I got back to butterfly and closed guard. Tried to look for sweeps in closed but it is very difficult against a stronger guy with good base. Figured open guard was better..in a while I secured the de la riva and went for single leg guard. I managed to disrupt his balance by pulling the collar and executed a single leg takedown.

He played closed and open guard for a while and hit a rolling leg lasso sweep while I committed my base. Pretty sweet looking sweep. Then I went to guard, tried to triangle, loop choke, tilt etc. but nothing worked.

+ Use mobile open guard stuff, seemed to work ok (played probable every guard in the book in the match)
- Know when your winning
- Don't get greedy with the pass against leg lasso

Alari ended up doing open weight and submitted all his four opponents! Nice!

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