Gear review: Clinch Gear Marcelo grappling shorts

Overall impression
Clinch Gear is a grappling brand owned and endorsed by UFC fighter Dan Henderson (Link to website). After Lucky gi produced the Marcelo Garcia gi, Clinch Gear has started producing MG no gi shorts.

The shorts are yellow and black and have nice looking Marcelo Garcia logos all over. There is also a black and blue version available. The MG logos on the shorts look like they are going to hold up very well. It seems they are sublimated into the fabric itself.

The shorts are made of 100% polyester apart from the contrasting parts that have 20% nylon. The material is slightly thinner and finer than I expected.


The shorts under review are size 36 and fit me okay (I am 80+ kg). Could be a size smaller… The shorts are baggier than say Koral grappling shorts but not as baggy as the Nogi Kingpins are (you can watch Bill Cooper wear them in his “rolled up” –episode Link to episode) . I like the bagginess because it ensure nothing besides your opponent limits your movement.


The Marcelo shorts have the standard Clinch Gear “Double grip” waistband. This means that there is an extra flap that that comes from the top and secures the waist. There is no string on the shorts but it is virtually impossible that these shorts would ever become undone.

The gusset has stretchy fabric as many grappling shorts do these days

There is a gumshield pocket inside the shorts

Overall grade: 9/10 (Nogi Pingpin is 10/10 in my book)

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