Trip to Rio approaching

Toni will be going to Rio for three weeks to train at Ricardo Vieira's academy and enjoy the beach life this next Saturday. The funniest thing is I am most jealous because they got acai there.

On behalf of the blog, I will also make a small sponsorship gear donation for Toni's trip :). Too bad I don't have any webjiujitsu patches...

We will post some photos and videos here once he comes back. If Toni picks up some nice details from "the source" we will try to report them here as well. If you have good tips for Rio they are more than welcome (send a private or comment)


  1. i am also pretty addicted to acai - my protein pouder is from xtfc fightnutrition and they offer it with acai - man thats the damn best protein shake i have ever drunk - i am really starving for that stuff, but i would really like to get my hands on some real acai...


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