Gi Review: Tatami Estilo 3.0

Overall impression and fabric

I got a blue A2 Tatami Estilo 3.0 (new design) yesterday. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about the Estilo 2.0 but the design was not perfect for my taste. As I saw the new design I felt a lot more comfortable getting this kimono.

My first impression was that the gi is very well constructed with triple stitching in all important areas. This can be clearly seen as the kimono has white contrast stitching. The gi is a little heavier than a shoyoroll, Ouano competition gi or a Vulkan but slightly below the weight of an average kimono. Overall, I could say that the Estilo lies in between a light competition gi and a heavy & durable training gi.

The jacket is made of pearl weave fabric and has similar characteristics to the Gameness Pearl weave kimono. However, the fabric feels much better. It feels smoother on the skin but is still more difficult to grab than a Gameness. Smoothness is a characteristic that is often overlooked but if you don’t use a rashguard under your gi it really helps your skin against mat burn, ingrown hair and even infections.

The collar is rubber covered with canvas, which is supposed to make the gi dry faster. The gi top is made of 550 gr fabric.

The pants are made of canvas which in my experience is harder to manipulate than twill.

The fit and sizing

The sizes run a bit big on the Estilo 3.0 and I would recommend everybody to get one size smaller than usually. Here are the basic measurements of the gi I got before washing it:

The most important things to notice regarding the fit and sizing of the Estilo:

- The pants are longer than average so if you have really short legs it might not work for you. However, Tatami allows you to mix and match the jacket and pants so you could just get a smaller pant size if you have this problem

- The bagginess of the gi is pretty average, somewhere between a Keiko and a Koral

I also compared the gi to a few standard gis that are a white Atama A3 single weave and a black Koral A3 light. As you can see from the pictures below, the Atama is smaller and tighter in almost every aspect. The Koral is bigger and baggier than the Estilo but the pants are shorter.


Collar thickness is between the Atama (picture) and the Koral. However it feels pretty sturdy.

The sleeve cuff length is 17,3 cm which is below average and great. Still, the Atama (first picture) has an even tighter sleeve but only slightly. The Koral sleeve in the second picture is clearly wider.

Tatami has used a round rope as a pant string instead of twill. The rope is a pretty solid and it doesn’t stretch as much as say an Ouano Competition’s ropestring does (The Ouano gets undone all the time). On top of that the loops are probably the best I have seen…really sturdy and there are 4 of them.

As in the 2.0 Estilo, there are extra reinforcements all over. For example in the sidevents..

The patches look nice but can be easily removed be breaking the stitching.


The Tatami Estilo 3.0 is a very solid, comfortable gi. The design has also improved since the 2.0 but they’ve kept all the good materials, reinforcements and details. The gi is somewhere between a light competition gi and a sturdy and soft training gi. I’d say if you’re only going to own one gi, this is definitely one of the best options out there (The others being perhaps Padilla & Son’s and Atama).

Overall grade 9+/10

You can get your Estilo at least at:



  1. The estilo is my favorite gi. (My other his are Shoyoroll, Atama, and Vulkan)

    I have the original estilo 1.0 version A3 that I have always washed in 60 degrees celsius. It has shrinked a bit (approx 3-4cm from the the sleeves). I found it to be a bit smaller that Atama or Koral A3 - maybe that have changed the sizing on 3.0 version a bit.

    I ripped the patches of the gi (took about ten minutes), because I did not like the ones that were on the 1.0 model.

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  4. what is your weight and height? im 183 and about 6 feet tall. should i go with the a2?

  5. I am 182 cm and 84kg. The A2 fit me just right. I gave the gi to a friend who is actually even a bit taller than me and I have not heard about the gi being too small for him either

    1. Im 175cm and 75kg, Should I go with an A1 even though Tatami suggests a A2 ? In fuji im an A3

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