Gi review: Storm Typhoon

Overall impression and fabric
This review is on a A3 White Storm Typhoon gi. Storm has been around for a long time as it was founded in 1996. Recently the brand has become more popular with the launch of the Typhoon line that is promoted as the “most comfortable gi in the world”. Storm is endorsed by Renzo Gracie and Andre Galvao. According to rumours, there is also a Galvao signature model on the way.

The first impression of the gi is that it is a very good allaround gi. The facric is incredibly soft and comfortable and the jacket fabric reminds of the Isami Sachiko. The pants seem like regular twill pants but are somehow much softer and nicer to wear. I guess the gi reminds me of a good judo gi as well.

The gi top is made with 550 gr fabric so it is definitely not a light gi or anything (same weight as Tatami Estilo). The weight of the gi top is around 1,2 kg. It has no seam on the back and the fabric weave is closest to gold weave. One of the most notable features of the jacket is that according to Storm it has antimicrobial qualities due to an agent they put into the gi. For someone new to jiu jitsu: This is a great quality if it works in the slightest because anyone can catch a ringworm.

The white jacket has 3 embroidered red patches on it that I personally like.

The pants are very traditional with no extra patches. They have incredibly comfortable knee pads as well (shown in details section). The pants also have a pocket for a mouthguard.

The fit and sizing

The official sizing from Storm was pretty accurate and the A3 fits me nicely. I am 182 cm (5.11). The sizing chart is below:

Measurements of my own gi (out of the bag)

Key issues with fit

- The sleeves are cut in to an angle less than 90 degrees. This makes the gi slightly bigger around the chest area I think.
- The pants have quite a classic fit and they are slightly wider than the Estilo. The crotch area also has more fabric which gives some extra comfort and mobility.

Here is a picture which demonstrates the angle of the sleeves. The overall cut of the jacket is slimmer than in the Estilo A2

The pants are roughly the same size and fit as the Tatami Estilo but a little wider. The Strom has also more fabric in the crotch area.

I compare the Storm A3 to the blue Tatami 3.0 Estilo A2 but my other reviews have compared the Tatami to Atama single A3 and Koral Light A3 so you can use them to understand how the Storm sizes up against them as well.


The collar is quite thin but really sturdy and difficult to manipulate. It seems that the collar thickness is not the only factor that contributes to your opponent having hard time grabbing your collar. Atama’s have very thick collars but I get a good grip easier on them than on the Storm collar. This is because the Strom collar is wide and strurdy.

Here are some collar comparisons to the Tatami Estilo 3.0

The sleeve cuff length is 16,1 cm which is the tightest cut so far. For comparison the Estilo cuff is 17,3 cm and Gameness Platinum cuff 18 cm. I value this characteristic highly because it helps fighting against spider guard players.

The pant string is very simple but stays tied pretty well in training. One thing I don’t like is that the pants only have one center loop instead of the usual two.

The Storm Typhoon has good reinforcements overall, especially on the pants

The knee pads are really comfortable


Definite upsides of the Storm Typhoon include:

- The most comfortable fabric ever

- The antimicrobial treatment given to the gi top.

- Very tight sleeve cuffs

- A good collar which is difficult to manipulate

- Knee pads on the knees that have the sufficient thickness and softness to really ease the knees

The cut is not optimal if you’re the skinniest guy ever but according to my experience 90% of serious jiu jitsu guys aren’t that skinny.

Overall, one of the best gis I’ve seen.

Overall grade: 9 ½ /10

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  1. Thanks for the review. Very helpul. We'll see how it goes when it arrives!!