Gi review: Gameness Pearl Weave

Overall impression and fabric

I have had a blue A3 Gameness Pearl Weave kimono for a while now. When it come out it was the first lighter Gameness gi.

It is more of competition oriented gi than the standard Gameness platinum but obviously heavier than the new Gameness feather gi. The Platinum is tank with a super thick collar. The Pearl fabric weighs 550 grams (same as a Tatami Estilo) while the Feather fabric weighs 475 grams. It has rubber collar which is surprisingly sturdy for a rubber one. However, according to many people its best quality is that it doesn’t have the dog on the backside…

As mentioned before the jacket fabric is not as comfortable as a Tatami Estilo or even a Keiko Raca, but is sure feels durable. I’ve used it maybe 20 times and I really can’t see it ripping or anything.

The pants are rip stop pants, but somehow sturdier than for example Shoyoroll or Ouano rip stops. I actually love the material. The pants are also reinforced around the knees. What this basically means that it has 2 layers of fabric.

The design of the pants is very plain so you can add your own stuff

The fit and sizing

The good thing about the Gameness Pearl is that their sizing chart is actually accurate. I am 5.11 and A3 actually fits me about right. The sizing chart is below:

Measurements of my own gi (many washes in cold water only)

Key issues with fit

- The pants are pretty baggy compared with any kimono. This gives you some extra mobility while someone grabs your pants, but the grips on them become harder to brake.

- The go top is actually quite a “slim fit” everywhere apart from the armpit area which seems to have more space.

This time the comparisons are made to a classic white Atama A3 single weave and a blue Tatami 3.0 Estilo A2. Atama’s fit is smaller than the Gameness. However the slimness of the cut is approximately the same apart from the armpits where there is extra facric in the Gameness. The Tatami Estilo 3.0 has longer sleeves and pants than the Gameness and is baggier.



The Gameness pearl does not have a very thick collar. The collar is rubber covered with rip stop fabric. Here you can see the comparison between Gameness pearl and Atama single weave collars.

The sleeve cuff length is 18 cm which is quite a bit wider than an average sleeve in a jiu jitsu gi. The Atama single has a 17 cm sleeve which is a disadvantage for the Gameness.

The Gameness Pearl has a very old school pant string but I feel that old school pant strings actually come less undone than the new school round ones that are often elastic. I think the best string is probably in the Keiko Raca pants. It is round and sturdy and hardly ever comes undone.

The Gameness Pearl has many useful reinforcements in the armpit and in the side vents


The Gameness Pearl is built to last with reasonable weight. The material is coarser than Keiko limited’s, Atama single’s or Tatami Estilo’s but will definitely last. The pants are disproportionate baggy compared with the top, but if your legs are like tree trunks, this is the Kimono for you.

Overall grade 9-/10


  1. How is the collar for making collar chokes difficult for your opponent? Torn between this and a gold weave. Thanks!

  2. I would say he collar is pretty standard..comparable to say Shoyoroll or Keiko. Atama Gold's and especially Gameness Platinum's collars are IMO better for choke prevention

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