2 great ways to train I can recommend to anybody

I have recently discovered to great ways of structured training I can warmly recommend to anybody.

1. Drill with your friends.
To my experience, many bjj teams underdrill. This is probably because drilling is repetitive and boring. Still everybody knows it is important and the best BJJ and judo players drill a lot of repetitions.

Every Thursday morning at 7 (yes 7 am) we gather with Toni and Jukka from BJJ Center and drill a similar set every week adding one or two bonus moves..The set consists of:

- hook lifts
- hook sweeps
- double legs
- single legs
- x guard technical stand up sweeps
- passing toreanda style switching sides
- rolling guard retention while opponent x-passes
- guard replacement from Andre Galvao's book
- arm drags
- z guard shaolin sweeps (shown on the blog)

I you want to start a drilling routine, just order Andre Galvao's drill to win. There's no better book

2. Go through a whole instructional DVD with your friends systematically
I know, that at least steelduck who is one of the most active bjj bloggers does this every Sunday. This is a good way to get the most out of instructionals. Just watching it might encourage you to try a few techniques. However, trying to drill everything really tells you which work the best for you. You might also find new types of techniques that you like after all. Just remember: Don't start skipping too many techniques

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