Nutrition, a breakfast problem

While trying to eat healthy I am only an office worker and most of the morning if really have to dash out the door to get to work early to get to practice at night. Those bills just don't pay themselves..However, if I don't eat anything, I'll end up buying candy or drinking coffee with an empty stomach that completely messes up my gut.

My friend Sebi commented that he uses this specific recipe he picked out of BJJWeekly for a good breakfast. Should really try this out some morning.

The recipe is as follows:

"The night before take out about a cup of frozen fruit (I use Wyman's Mixed Berries but anything will work) and put it in a bowl. If you like you can drizzle it with a little honey. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning mix it up with a cup of cottage cheese and you've got a delicious high protien, high fiber, low carb meal that will keep you fueled up till lunch. For an extra bonus crumble on a few crushed walnuts or macademia nuts. If you want to limit your sugar you can skip the honey, but your fruit won't be nearly as juicy in the morning."

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