Joel Tudor.....

I still can't believe this guy...One of the best surfers in the world and also a very high level grappler (submitted Rani Yahya etc). Guess they complement each other (balance etc).

You have top level grapplers being very good at capoeira (Cobrinha, Michael Langhi) and break dancing (Bill Cooper..) but Joel Tudor was THE BEST surfer in the world in 2004 and 1998...Super double talent I guess!

Tudor grappling with Kron:

Joel vs J-Glove:

Joel vs the sea:

Tomorrow I'll try to continue the open guard stuff (problems and mistakes I've personally experienced) with focus on the second way of keeping your opponent from backing out which is putting the de la riva hook in and sweeping (probably will reflect on a few sweeps and a back take and counters to counters)

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