Good training today on single leg guard

Did my usual sunday routine today, which meant drilling Caio Terra's half guard techniques one by one. Today was especially a good day because we were going through single leg guard techniques. The single leg guard is something if had good success with, but I usually have had to rely on the far sleeve control. My best sweep has been just feeding the far sleeve to my other hand, blocking the foot with my straight leg and pulling the collar to plant the guy on his face.

Basically I use the same controls apart from the hook in front of the opponent's leg as the Mendes bros in this back take:

Today we went through a variation where you sweep forward using the near sleeve. This is very good to have in your repertoire if you happen to lose the far sleeve. You just feed the near sleeve to your hand from between his legs, pull the near arms triceps/armpit towards the mat with your other hand, and rotate your knee behind his knee towards the mat as well to plant him on his face. Check Caio Terra's 111 techniques of half guard for this technique. I'm gonna be drilling this a lot...

Now I need to get some food..

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