Gi review: Isami double weave


As the name suggests, the Isami double weave is a double weave kimono. However, it definitely is not immovable and unbreakable object such as an Atama or Howard double weave. They currently allow you to pick between 2 fabric types that are diamond and sachiko.  The diamond Is the lighter version while sachiko is a little bit sturdier. The kimono I have as a sachiko fabric blue A3. 

Overall, the Sachiko fabric has been very easy on the skin and it showed minimal shrinkage after the first ten washes. Isami themselves tell that the the jacket should shrink 1% vertically and 5% horizontally. This statement is quite accurate according to my experience.

I have washed the gi 15 times now and the colours are almost exactly what they were when I got it. The gi has experienced very little post wash stiffness which is fairly common with some of my other kimonos such as the Keiko raca and Gameness.

The gi I have also has a ridiculous amount of patches. There were a lot of “default” patches on the gi when I bought but also got a few extra reversal brand patches to put on back and next to the collar.


I compared the Isami to Atama white single weave A3 which seems to have the average fit on the market (Slightly snugger than Koral, but maybe slightly baggier than Keiko). They are pretty similar in fit apart from the Isami being slightly baggier around the gut:

The pant fit is almost identical to the Atama:

I am 182 cm (5.11) and  80+ kilos (180 pounds) and the kimono fits me great. If I could choose, I would like it to be slightly smaller around the gut.


Collar thickness is slightly below that of the Atama. Around Koral’s thickness I’d say. 

The sleeve is a little roomier than the Atama. For me this is slight drawback because I really hate going against spider guard when grips on my sleeves become difficult to break.

The pant string is very basic:

There is a really solid reinforment  on the pant leg. A really nice detail:


A really fine gi with superb quality. It is a bit on the pricey side (around 200 USD) but at least every other guy at the gym is not wearing these. You can get the gi with a really classic look with no patches or go crazy with the patches when you order it (they let you choose). I would prefer the gi to be slightly more competition oriented (tighter sleeves and little snuggier) but for training purposes this is one the best.


You can buy the Isami from Chokesports:

or directly from Isami Kimonos

Edit: The sizing has changed, and under the new sizes I guess mine would be an 5L. However if you follow the chokesports link, they have a ridicolously exact sizing chart including custom sizes


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