DVD Review: Bill Cooper: Deep half guard killer

As a second review, I am taking on Bill Cooper’s deep half guard KILLER!

First impression are: production quality is pretty damn good, and you get to see to techniques from a lot of different angles. The dvd is divided into 2 sections and has some bonus footage such as the “rolled up” episode with Bill Cooper. Unfortunately there is no fight footage. The 2 sections are:

-Deep half guard killer

-Favourite guard passes

The list of techniques is at:


The deep half guard killer section offers a lot of new stuff. Most of the deep half passes I’ve seen before rely on getting an underhook and stepping over the head (Andre Galvao etc.). Bill focuses more on getting a kimura control on the far arm and getting your body behind the opponent’s head. One thing that is bothering me with the deep half guard techniques is that the dvd is lacking the explanation on how to establish the initial control for the pass (kimura-crucifix control for example). Luckily the getting the hidden arm part helps with this.

The techniques seem to work pretty well in sparring (for what I’ve had a chance to try). Some of the techniques on the dvd have the problem of giving up top position. Bill might give up a sweep to land a d’arce choke for example. This approach seems typical for Bill Cooper’s attack-oriented style, which I love but don’t do myself. In addition to the kimura-crucifix pass I especially enjoyed the arm drag bating in “Forward roll to armdrag to the back”.

The favorite guard passes section has a lot of wild and dynamic nogi passing. Some of the passes require a fair amount of athleticism and would perhaps not be the go-to passes if you’re a 40-year old office worker.

The beginning of the set focuses on open guard and end of the set on traditional butterfly guard. The most interesting part for me was the use of kimura to pass the open guard. I remember always looking at these kimura passes and back takes as some sort of special trick but now I see Andre Galvao using them as back takes, Rafael Mendes using them…

As a summary: Good production quality and the techniques seem to work. These are many new techniques that I’ve never seen before. The biggest problem seems to be that the dvd doesn’t full cover the positions and entries to the positions but only the passes. However, the dvd has one really good attribute: It reminds how to have fun with jiu jitsu and that we should take occasional risks on the mats.


PS. Here is the teaser.

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