DVD review: Andre Galvao: Details, concepts, game plan

As I’ve done my fair share of watching Brazilian jiu jitsu technique dvds, I devided that I should start writing reviews from time to time. I’ve had the Andre Galvao dvd set for over a year now, and figured this would be a good one to start with.

The set consists of 5 sections:
-          -Stand up game
-          -Passing guard
-          -Half guard (bottom and top)
-          -Open guard
-          -Back control (includes back takes and submissions)

The exact list of techniques can be found at:

The stand up game section can be seen as a fairly complete stand up game apart from the fact that it skips the basic double legs and single legs. It is also somewhat judo oriented but the judo is very modified to fit jiu jitsu competition. Another thing which makes this set very good for people interested in competition that it also discusses pulling guard. Which is even better, it addresses how to keep your opponent from effectively pulling his favourite guard! A great set if you already have the basic stand skills down. I would have wanted to see more grip fighting details.

The passing guard section is just great…It shows a complete passing game, including solutions to situations where your opponents puts you into more exotic guards such as the leg lasso guard. As it is Andre’s game it doesn’t have passes from to one leg in the middle fighting pose, but instead the game is built round toreanda. The best passing set I’ve seen.

Half guard section also offers a complete game. The only thing I think is sweeps from the knee shield position. Andre shows how to use the knee shield to get an under, but the basic rollovers etc. are not covered. The section includes both top and bottom.

The open guard section focuses mostly on guard replacement and butterfly guard. The guard replacements are vital and they are explained with similar quality and detail than in Demian Maia’s set about the subjet. The butterfly sweeps are combined in a logical manner. This section was the first that really helped me understand the body movements of a good hook sweep. Probably because Andre’s movements are smooth..

The back position section is simply a complete back game. The first technique “maintaining the back position” is incredibly  valuable..it helps you understand how to stop the basic back mount escape (go to underhook’s side, press another hook down and get to half guard) and regain the back control. Should be drilled once a week!

Andre’s movement on the dvd is just superfluid, and he is good fighter to try to copy. On top of that Andre’s dvd is one of the few that really take time to explain vital details. Other such dvds in my opinion include the Caio Terra half guard dvd, Ryal Hall dvds and of course the classic Saulo Ribeiro revolution jiu jitsu dvds.

OVERALL GRADE: 9/10 (wish there would have been more grip fighting)

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