Eating like Andre, day two

Breakfast: Natural yogurt, bread with honey
Snack: Tangerine
Lunch: Bread, egg, some greens
Snack: Tangerine
Dinner after workout: Recovery drink, Salad with mozzarella
Later: Nuts

Felt pretty good to get to eat the honey in the morning yesterday, I needed something sweet. Besides that, I ate a bit lighter than the day before yesterday. Had a lot of energy to exercise with the diet.

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  1. Hey Miika,

    What i like to eat in the morning is a frozen berry mix which i put into the fridge the night before with some added honey over the frozen berries. In the morning i add some cottage cheese and here we go a tastefull highly protein breakfast. Have to admitt i got this one from BJJ weekly. They lately had some sort of cheescake smoothy which also sounds great and is perfect for us suger addicts.