BJJ conditioning

I just thought about where do I feel tired when I gas in competition on realised it is usually my legs. Then I found Andre Galvao's text about it. He seems to do lifting and plyometric training for legs before competition


Since I started working out with my conditioning trainer Stephen Nave. I started to get stronger. I think because of the way we were training and also I always let him know what I did and what I will do in my BJJ training session. I trained before with many different conditioning trainers. They always have one kind of conception about training. I think for fighters the most important training is the lower body “legs”. Since I started to train with Stephen I’m doing a lot of squats and jumps at least 2 times a week. For my ADCC preparation I did squats for 3 times a week in some of those camp weeks. I felt very good and a lot of soreness too in the beginning of the training. But when you are working on your legs you need to work on your cardio too. Always the legs power lifting training and the plyometric training makes you feel very tired and sore. That is why a lot of fighters or even a normal person doesn’t like to do that. But we must do it at least twice a week.

NOW think about this: “I will work on my legs at least twice a week”. Make your roots strong and nobody can take you down or make you fail. I like to do my conditioning 3 or 4 times a week. Not more than that. Okay guys? So now lets Drill to Win and training hard! Remember: “Hard work can beat the talent"



  1. Did a leg work out today...complete exhausted...

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