Andre Galvao's diet next week

I recently got the drill to win book by Andre Galvao and in the first chapter he describes his diet (when not dropping weight). As I am probably the worst junk eater in BJJ, I figured reporting how better eating would affect how my training feels like and what my energy levels are. I usually eat too many snacks and candy and sodas there should be a clear benefit for me.

Andre's diet is very basic and nutricious but he also uses a lot of supplements (of which I only use glutamine and protein shakes). It emphasizes the importance of night protein consumed before going to bed to let your muscles grow. It also has similar characteristics to other bjj diets, such as eating the fruit separately from other foods. It goes as follows:

For breakfast:
Fruit (banana,apple,blueberries,strawberries, etc.)
Whole wheat toast with olive oil and honey
Cereal (oatmeal or quinoa)
Whole yoghurt or whey protein shake

Snack (3 hours after breakfast, 30 min to 1 hour before lunch)
One fruit

One kind of complex carb (sweet potato, rice, pasta..)
Animal protein (meat, chicken, eggs etc.)
Green salad and vegetables

Snack: (3 hours after lunch, 30 min to 1 hour before dinner)
One fruit

Roots/carbs (sweet potato or manioc) with olive oil and little salt
Fish, eggs or mozzarella cheese
Green salad and vegetables

Before bed:
Handful of nuts, whey protein shake or yogurt

This diet is for an athlete who trains regularily so I will try to do at least 5 training during the week. Just had natural yogurt with banana and oatmeal porrigde for breakfast..I will write down the stuff I eat and how I feel while training


  1. Try curd instead before going into bed. Ehrmann (the brand) should work beautifully. When you add some strawberries and/or blueberries together with olive oil you're there. The curd has the benefit that it will take several hours to digest, giving you sufficient amount of fuel (protein) during the night.

  2. nice, will try. The biggest challenge for me is just not to eat junk