X-pass & X-pass 2000

With the risk of not being perceived as trendy..I personally like to use to one leg in the middle as a base for passing and do the fighting posture. The main reason for this is that I can do many passes with very little movement: the x-pass, the knee-slide pass,the smash pass, negative x-pass, leg drag pass and even the "x-pass 2000" (as seen on home-shopping network)

The original x-pass is demonstrated here by Saulo Ribeiro:

The thing is..many times your opponent will cross his ankles behind your knee, making kicking back your leg impossible. Anyways, there still is a way to x-pass I've never seen online or on any dvd, that I picked up from Hawaii. What you can do, is actually excert downward pressure on the knee with your arm and even put your chest on top of it, then  do a knee-slide over your opponents shin and twist to knee on belly. X-pass 2000..This is from Rafael Mendes

I might film this approach some day so people how the exactly leg is released with sliding it over the shin..

And finally my idol...Bruce, the laid-back dog from Oahu


  1. The one leg in the middle is my favorite also. It also gives the rolling toehold to the foot in front of you. It is really difficult for the opponent to hide it.