Competition philosophy & winning in competitions

Many people speak about how important it is to have your mental side in check to succeed in competition. This is a very vague statement and I’ve always had difficulties grasping it..I have just recently started to somehow get some of the aspects of this…Maybe mostly because I’ve started watching interviews of top competitors.

On his DVD “Path to success” Felipe Costa talks about how he used to first suck at competition before gradually getting better and starting to win at brown & black belt level. He identifies mental modes in his competition career I can somehow understand:

1. Losing the first match at every tournament. The feelings at the tournament are stress and just wanting to get it over it. (And of course wanting to go home and eat burgers). I guess this is common to people in their first tournament.

2. Losing the second match. The feeling is the person wants to win the first match but after he wins, he loses the hunger for more as he did “ok” anyways. You end up with 1-1 record anyways, right?? This is something a have been feeling like too many times..

3. Losing in the finals. You lose momentum, when you’re almost there. You have proved that you are one of the top guys, but you still can’t believe you could win it all

4. Not settling for anything but victory

Not sure if everybody can say being at one of these modes, but I definitely related right away.

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